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Galerie Lenoir, 220 rue St-Paul Ouest, Vieux Montréal

Un été à Montréal (collective)

Du 10 au 25 août 2024, vernissage le 10 août à 17h30.



April 25, 2024

Art X Gastronomy Benefit Evening

A gourmet and artistic experience full of colors and flavors!

Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Quebec (ITHQ)

Private event, organized in collaboration with Galerie Gallea.

My works, “Suspended” and “Source” have been selected from more than 350 artwork submissions.

In-room display (April 25) and online auction (April 4 to April 25) of ART X GASTRONOMY – ITHQ FOUNDATION


IDEAL COWORKING MONTREAL – 4035 St Ambroise, #216, Montreal, H4C 2E1

January to June 2024

Exhibition link:

Virtual Exhibitions

TERAVARNA GALLERY, 7095 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Solo Exhibition by invitation, VISIT:


Artist of the Month of June 2023, see the video:



“Return to Self”

My first solo exhibition “Return to Self” which took place at the Raymond-Lévesque Library in Longueuil in 2022-23, is part of a profound approach, a need to stop time: to breathe in, breathe out, and look inside oneself to find a space of freedom.

I often practice my art between two tasks or at the end of a long tour, when it’s time to choose myself. It has almost become a meditative ritual in which time slows down and reverses to allow me an escape from the daily tumult.

Over time, I have realized that the faces I paint, with their eyes closed, reflect the inner state I aspire to live in, a contemplative state, a kind of “safe space” where, to use Baudelaire’s words, reign order, beauty, calm, luxury, and pleasure.

My quest, to burst time and see the dissolving of parasitic thoughts and emotions that fixate in the air around us, has naturally opened the door to pointillism. This technique, merged with my art, allowed me to burst the lines of my characters to transcend them into a myriad of small color squares, distilling a more ethereal and spiritual vision of existence.

Lightening the burdens within to offer what is hidden inside, beautiful and vibrant.

“Return to Self: Space of Freedom” thus presents itself as a gift, an invitation to discover within us this place of tranquility and peace. The exhibition highlights the power of art to deconstruct the burdens of existence to reveal the hidden beauty in each of us, a bright path towards the bursting of thoughts and constraints that surround us.


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