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Artist Statement

My artistic approach highlights the journey back to oneself, self-love, and the connection with our deeper being. My works often depict meditative characters, internalized in a style reminiscent of pointillism, with small, bright, and colorful squares overlapping.

I paint by intuition, starting with an abstract form, either through color or texture, which gradually reveals the subject. Once this subject is highlighted, the colors impose themselves, and I adorn the form with countless small squares that convey an impression of bursting, vibrations, or dreams swirling around the characters, as if the inside were unfolding outward.

Each “dot” I apply on the canvas is a purely intuitive act in the moment’s state. The lines evoke for me threads that intersect like infinite possibilities of encounters and destinies.

I aim to communicate an emotional story through my work. My aspiration is that my art—soft, blending figurative and abstract elements, infused with poetry—serves as a beacon for viewers to pause, recalibrate their life’s focus, and forge a deeper connection with their inner selves.


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